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Related post: Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:29:03 +0900 From: Andrej Koymasky Subject: Puppets Theatre 05----------------------------THE PUPPETS THEATERby Andrej Koymasky (C) 1999 written the 16 th of December, 1989 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Richard-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"THE PUPPETS THEATER" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, ore because you think yo really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------ACT FIVE - The real puppeteer - AngeloFirst Scene:"Angelo, I have a job for you.""Yes, Dad, what's about?""A very important business man... He wants us to shadow his son to know who he meets. Here is the file. I completely entrust it to you, it is not a difficult case. If at times you may need to ask the help of some of hot hot little lols our men - of course you can, it's sufficient we agree on that, not to overlap two jobs. This will be the first case completely yours, you are now expert enough. The client doesn't care about the money spent, he just wants results. Read the file, and if you come up with problems, come to talk with me. But I think you will not, the basic documentation is good and plentiful.""All right, Dad."Right away Angelo took the file and went to the other room. At his desk he started to read it. And at once he widened his eyes - the client was really a VIP, the Commendatore Linardi! Continuing to read, his eyes widened a second time. The son of the Commendatore was nearly eighteen years old and the problem was that the boy was gay. He immediately looked for the picture and stood open mouthed - the boy was really beautiful! At this point Angelo asked himself how come his father entrusted him with this case. Did his father by chance know that he was gay? And yet, Angelo, from when at sixteen became aware of his tastes about sex, took all precautions in order not to let his father suspect it at all. No, it had to be just chance. In fact, knowing his father well, he knew that the man would have faced up to him... moreover, entrusting him with that case, he didn't give any hint, he just talked about it normally, like one of the several cases that they had to assume.He looked again at the picture of the boy to shadow, and thought with a smile that he would have liked to go to bed with him. The boy, called Marco, was exactly five years younger than him, would soon attend a driving school in Milan (and there was the address), and after the summer would attend the Bocconi University. He took note of all the most important data, and noticed that the driving lesson would start just three days later. On that young sexy prelolita girls occasion Angelo could identify the boy and then start the shadowing. It was lola zone preteen models requested a continuous shadowing each time that the boy came to Milan, and also the identification of the people the boy met to have sexual intercourse. Angelo thought that to do that also, he really needed other people to help him, he couldn't do everything alone, both because he had to be careful not to be noticed, and because there would probably be several persons to follow, in some occasions.And then he got an idea. One of his closest friends, with whom he often make love without ever being lovers, Matteo, had asked him several times to get him a job from his father. Matteo at times did also accompany him for some shadowing and was really amused, but more than that, Angelo got the impression that Matteo was skilled. He was waiting to leave for the army service, but there were some more months before he could be summoned, therefore it was possible to offer him a forward contract. He decided to talk with his father, who knew Matteo because the lolita model movie gallery two families were friends. The father had absolutely no objections.At the railways station, they immediately identified the boy and Matteo, when he saw him commented: "Holy shit! preeteen lolitas ls magazine He is even better than in the picture. Look at his sensual lips. You know, I think I will renounce to this job, and go immediately to hook him to try to take him to my bed!""Aren't you serious, idiot?""I was joking! But tell me, your reaction was just professional or were you jealous of him?""Stop it! We don't want to loose sight of him.""Don't worry. I'll take my bike, and you your car as agreed."In the first days it was easy to follow him. It became a little more difficult when the boy started to tour the public toilets, and even more when he had his first contacts. But with the help of a third person, they succeeded in following both the boy and all the people he was picking up. About those, Angelo soon became aware that it was happening something lol girl model young strange - as soon as they had the data of these people, and communicated them to the Commendatore, in a few days Marco's conquests vanished.So Angelo decided, without telling to his father, to try to find out what was happening. He discovered then that the boy's father, the Commendatore, when he received the reports with the data of his son's conquests, he sent them away from the city, at times with threats, at time having them moved, making the x lolita fresh gallories right pressure at the right levels, at times offering them so alluring occasion to convince them to move. The Commendatore was creating around his son a burnt land.Angelo felt sympathy for the boy. After discussing it with Matteo, he decided to try not to report the next conquest of the boy. But a few days after, his father called him."Angelo, you must be careful, you have missed a contact that the boy had. The Commendatore called me and told me that lolitas nymphets top 100 if we make another mistake, he will stop using our agency. It would be a pity, it is question of many millions...""That is strange. I did carefully my job. How can he affirm such small breast lolitas nude a thing, the Linardi?""Evidently he charged another agency with our same job. Cross testing, or how the hell they say in English. I explained him that these are things that can happen, but he answered to use more people, he is ready to pay more, but he wants to be sure.""Yes, dad, possibly it is better to have one more person, we lolit lolita teen model will work more easily."Angelo, even though he was aware he was forced to carry out that job following the will of the client, inside himself he started to take sides with Marco.Matteo received the call up papers. So he said to Angelo: "Listen, next week I have to leave. So I had an idea. I would like to contact the boy and to make love with him once. We know where he likes to cruise, it would not be difficult.""Are you completely crazy? I told you that there is another agency covering him. If they discover that a man of our agency went with the boy, we lose both this job and our face. Aren't you aware of that?""No, listen, I thought about that. lolita preteen model princess They don't know us, as we don't know them. But above all they don't know me. Anyway I can be very careful so that they cannot follow me nor discover who I am. Then I leave Milan, they cannot connect me with your agency. Also because I will go with Marco just once, before leaving. But I would like to meet that boy.""But if they follow you, they discover who you are, and your family is friend of mine, therefore...""It's not so easy to follow who know he young nude lolita tgps is being followed!""But where do you take the boy? You certainly cannot take him to your place, and neither to a love hotel...""I'm not so naive, Angelo! I'll take him at The Pill Box. I know the owner, he is a friend of mine. He'll let me use a small room he has in the court yard. Ahead of time I will go to reach an agreement with him. He has a back entrance on the parallel street, I'll go out from there. And if someone goes to ask to my friend, he will give them fake information as I'll prompt him.""You really thought to everything. But I feel it is too risky. What if they see you at the back entrance?""I don't think they know about it. Anyway you'll be there to watch. You have another of our men watch the main exit that Marco will use. Therefore you can see if I'm followed, and in that case you can give me a signal so that I'll know the guy and can shake off him. All right?"Angelo, after he gave some more objections, all of which were rebutted in detail by Matteo, in the end accepted. The only one remaining problem was to see if Marco would have been interested in Matteo...All worked to perfection. When young teen imagefap loli the two entered the bar, Angelo with his cellular immediately and urgently summoned two men from xxx lolitas 14yo nymphets his agency and put them in Pier della Francesca Street to watch the main entrance and gave them the order to follow Marco and his companion when they come out. He told them best free lolita gallery that he had to follow another track, and went in the other street. Matteo came out three hours afterwards. When they were completely sure nobody was following Matteo, they approached each other."You were together three hours! It seemed you'll never end it. How was it, tell me!""Ah, if I could, I would have stayed twice that and more! That boy, besides being really beautiful, is so sweet!""Does he have a beautiful body?""He has all beauty. And makes you feel like a charming prince. He needs tenderness, and he gives lot of it.""Are you not, by chance, falling in love with him?""It would not be difficult. Who knows why that fucking bastard of his father doesn't leave him in peace? If Marco found a good friend, the right lover, he would be happy and he would make the other happy.""Is he skilled in making love?""Still somewhat inexpert, perhaps, but these are things one can learn rapidly. It has been really great, making love with him.""Better than with me?""Yes. Sorry, but we two know each other. I know what you like and you know what I like. It's different... It's a pity that ranchi lolita preteen naked you cannot try it with him, Angelo, believe me. You will be fascinated, I'm sure. I might just, if he was still free after my army service, kidnap him and make him my lover...""Hey, did you really fall in love with him?""Who knows. I'm glad I don't have to follow him anymore on behalf of that cursed bastard of his father!"Angelo, back to the agency, wrote his report - Marco picked up an unknown person at the Cathedral's Place toilets, they went to The Pill Box, Marco came out alone after three hours and there was no sign of the other. Going to ask top nude prelolita list to the owner of the bar, the man wasn't able to give information about the other man, and explained that possibly he went out through the court yard which has another gate in the parallel street. According to the bar owner, the two youths sat in a booth and chatted all the time... He read the report again and thought it was perfect. And he was sure that the report of the other agency couldn't be different.He recalled what Matteo told him about the boy. Yes, his work was really unpleasant - helping the father to persecute that poor boy! Angelo was feeling more and more a liking for Marco.The lessons at the university started. When the boy went to his studies companion's home, it was impossible to know if they were really just studying or if they made love, Angelo explained in his reports. The Commendatore asked them to investigate anyway about the students in whose home Marco went to study. If they were straight people, they could be ignored, but if they were gay, they had to be looked after.When Marco begun to under nude lolita models meet Alceo, Angelo, for his gay sensibility, guessed that something was beginning between the two youths, in spite of the fact that Alceo had a girlfriend. Angelo happily thought that perhaps this time the two youths could carry out their relationship without problems, without the intervention of Marco's father. But unhappily, once, the two lovers made the mistake of going to a love hotel near the Central Station, and Angelo couldn't help but report that. A few days after, Alceo didn't show up any more at the university... Angelo felt a kind of regret. If the boy avoided that mistake, possibly the two could still have remained together for a long while...Marco's file was becoming more and more voluminous. At times Angelo read again all of it, and little by little he felt he knew the boy better and better, and became aware that he was feeling for him more than a liking, more than solidarity, more than tenderness. Following him everyday, he learned to recognize every light expression of him, almost to read his thoughts. He was able to interpret each light raising of his eyebrows, each folding of his lips, each gesture, even if barely hinted, each quiver of his lips, each glance. He learned to recognize, in the light of his eyes, if desire woke up in the boy, or if there was the joy of the reached pleasure. When he saw him withdraw with one of his conquests, from his expression before and after the encounter, he was able to guess what Marco felt for the other, and if he would try to meet him again or not.Matteo, on leave, succeeded to meet him again a couple of times Marco, each time in a different place, always successfully and avoiding to be recognized or followed by the men of the other agency. And each time he told Angelo about his encounters, in enthusiastic terms. Angelo felt almost like if he was participating, and felt more and more strong sentiments towards the boy. While he was making love with Matteo, he asked his friend to describe his encounters with Marco in the minutest details, and he nonnude preteen lolita models felt so he could live them in person. Matteo willingly lent himself to that kind of game, both because it was exciting, and because he was aware, even before Angelo, that his friend had fallen in love with Marco."Be careful, Angelo. Unhappily you'll never be able to have that boy. At most you could be able to have with him one, two encounters, like me, but it will be a story without future. If you want, we can organize an encounter with him at The Pill Box... this is the most we can try... But this would also mean that then you will have to renounce to the job. sweet lolita naked girls In fact, even if we can do so that the men of the other agency don't see you, you could no longer follow Marco, afterwards, because he would recognize you...""No, we both 101 ameteur lolitas galeries know very well that it is impossible. As you say, I could no more shadow him, once we met. And then, just for one time...""Would you like to marry him?" Matteo merrily asked."I would put my signature on it, if it was just possible!" Angelo seriously answered."Me too. But I have to content myself with you..." Matteo answered laughing and started again to make love with his friend.But Angelo close his eyes lolita gang bang pics and, while making love with his friend, could see the face of "his" Marco. He confusedly became aware that for the first time he was thinking of him, he was feeling him as "his Marco", and even though he repeated to himself that it would never happen, this feeling born in him, pleased him.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Second Scene:Angelo was now following Marco's case for a long time, when one day the Commendatore Linardi asked for a meeting with him. Usually he didn't meet in person with him, so Angelo was surprised - there must have great news"Please, come in, Commendatore.""Yes. Listen. Your agency showed that you are able to work with skill on my son's case. You made just one mistake in all these years, one and half, I have to say, considering that elusive guy that three times you were not able to shadow... but neither did the other agency... On the other hand, the other agency made several mistakes. And I know that the organization of all the operations had been coordinated by you."Well, it's a long time now that I'm aware I have cancer, and now bbs world preteen lolita it remains me very little time to live, I am very close to the end. Therefore I decided to leave a big sum of money to a notary, a friend of mine. That money would be sufficient to cover three more years, perhaps a little more... anyway it will be used to the last lira, then your work on this case will cease. I decided to give up the other agency and to entrust it all to you. You must continue to follow my son, and to prevent him getting tied up with some man lolita teen movie tgp having his same squalid vice. You have, in short, not only to follow my son, but also do all you can to separate him from those people... Normally it is sufficient that a some amount of money is enough to convince them. At times naked loliitas pic galleries it will also be necessary to put some pressure to pull them out of the way, but it is always possible. You have, from now on, to send your reports and the note of fees to my notary friend and you will be immediately paid and reimbursed."The man became silent for a moment and Angelo took advantage of that to interrupt that monologue: "May I make a comment, Commendatore?""Certainly.""If in all these years the boy didn't change, if he continued to look for... what he is looking for, what difference can possibly make three more years?""You are speaking against your interest, and you know it. But yours could be professional ethics. No. In three years my son will be 25. He will be, underage lolita nude love therefore, really an adult. What I care is that while he is still young, he doesn't tie up with somebody who could manipulate him. He will be the inheritor of a huge fortune... Unhappily, with the passing of time, I lost the hope he could change. But at lolita russian nudists models least, since he will be the only inheritor of all, I hope that he will not allow an eventual companion of vice to fool him. I don't see a danger in adventures of one, two encounters. But the steady relationships, are dangerous. And more than that, I cannot do.""You did even too much..." Angelo murmured, then bit his tongue fearing that the man can sense the sarcasm in his voice.But the Commendatore didn't seem hot young russian lolita to have grasped the critique contained in these words: "A father never does too much. I just tried to carry out my duty, doing my best to pull Marco out from that disgusting vice. And now I'm just doing what I could do.""Why are no more using two agencies, now, but just ours?""Because I had proof that I can trust you. I dismissed the other agency about four months ago. This is the notary address. Starting with next report, please sent it to him. He always has all the preceding file. And also next note of fees. Good bye, young man. Carry out your job skillfully."The free preteen lolita bbs thin man stood up and left the room. Angelo thought on the evolution of all the case. Now, perhaps, the boy could have some more chances, practically it depended on Angelo. But if he ceased to send reports, or just sent reports different from lolitas young russian schoolgirls the previous, the notary could have suspicions. The most I can do, Angelo thought, is to let some encounters slip away through the net... and I'll do it.The funny thing is that Angelo didn't think at all young little girl lolitas to take profit of the new situation for himself, to hook the boy.About three months after this conversation, was held the solemn funeral of Commendatore Linardi. The change that occurred in Marco after this event, was more impressive than what Angelo expected, but above all, much different of what he could have guessed. Marco, who was newly graduated just before his father's death, didn't run to innocent preteen lolita pics seek for adventure, didn't go wild. On the contrary, for a certain period, and quite long, it seemed that he didn't have any encounter, any relationship.As soon as his father was dead, the boy spent many full days in the just inherited offices. For some months, he just went from the villa to the office and vice versa. Then, a new period started. Marco begun to go to the "No Ties", the "One Way", the "Nuova Idea", and at times he picked up somebody, but never for more than one encounter. He brought his conquests to the hovel he rented after his father's death. Very seldom his guest stayed there for more than a couple of hours. The guys Marco chose were all a little older than him, all rather athletic, elegant, and had brown hair. Angelo thought, smiling in himself, that he matched this type of man. But he also was aware that often they were hustlers, even if classy. Angelo had had the impression that Marco, before his father's death, was looking above all for a friend. But now he seemed he was looking just for sex. Angelo wanted to understand what was happening to the boy. So he phoned to Raul, one of his gay friends who matched with the type usually looked for, and asked him to meet. When they were together, he showed him lolita public upskirt image Marco's picture and asked him to pick him up in a disco, to make love with him, to try to understand what kind of boy Marco was, and to tell him. His friend willingly accepted the proposal, as an agreeable game. Raul succeeded in being picked up by Marco, just three times after they met in the disco.When, after having made love with Marco, Raul met Angelo, he asked him: "But, tell me, what is Marco to you?""We don't know each other, we never met.""But you like the boy, right?""Yes.""So, why didn't you go to meet him?""Work's reasons.""You have to shadow him?""Right. So?""He is a strange boy. Beautiful, without any doubt. And very skilled in making love. I said him that I wanted to meet him again, and I was sincere. He answered no, because soon he has to leave and he don't want ties with anybody. I told him that we could meet just preteen bbs lol rompl so, without any tie, without any engagement. He said that he liked me, but that he preferred to change every time. So, I asked him if he never fell in love. He said that it happened, two or three times, but added that he didn't want to fall in love any more, to avoid disappointments. I told him that he could have all the men he liked. He answered that he was just having them. I said him loli free pee child that I intended that the men could easily fall in love with him. And he answered that it is exactly what he will do, now that he has the upper hand... I told you, he is a strange boy. Anyway, in bed he is fantastic...""He said he is leaving soon? Did you ask him where he thinks to go?""Yes, he told me that he is undecided between Venice and Turin. I said him that Venice is more beautiful. And he retorted that Turin is bigger. So I said him that Rome is even bigger. He laughed and said that Turin is more quiet. Then we changed subject.""Venice or Turin... extreme lolita pedo sex and why would go there? To do what?""I don't know, I didn't think to ask him."A few days after his meeting with Raul, Angelo noticed that Marco had started to do strange tours downtown. Then he saw him entering three times in a gate near Porta Romana. The first time Marco seemed somewhat hesitant, but the other two times he entered resolutely. Angelo asked himself if in there, there was something like a male brothel, but he never saw enter or come out from that gate anybody who could be the physical type Marco liked to have sex with. Unless Marco suddenly changed his preferences... Anyway there wasn't either the movement that normally there is around a brothel. He couldn't understand. So he thought to ask his father, who was lot more experienced topless little lolita preteen than him.As soon as he heard the address, nodded smiling: "There lives one of the most skilled document forgers in the trade. I know him well.""A forger? And of what kind of documents?""He is specialized in identity documents. Very skilled.""Therefore... the boy wants to change identity.""Possibly.""And, it is possible to contact this guy to know what name he will enter in the forged documents?""Oh, yes, it is just a matter of price, very likely.""You know I can pay, if it's important.""I'll call him and I'll announce him your visit, if you like. But be prepared to fork out a lot. Will it not be better if beforehand you ask an authorization of the notary?"Angelo did report to the notary Marco's visits at that address. But he decided not to tell him about the reason he just discovered. He would have said that the money he had to spend to get the information was a payment to send away the umpteenth lover of Marco. He invented an identity using the name of a decorator having his studio in the same building, a gay man, twenty nine years old, wealthy... to "convince" him to leave Marco it would necessary to spend a good sum of money... Even if the notary little lolita little nudist investigated, the name was on the telephone book... and Angelo didn't think that the notary would push his investigation any further than that, as he trusted Angelo...He met the forger, he paid him well, and was told that the boy asked documents with three different names. In exchange for some more money, the forger gave him also the names. Angelo, of course, didn't tell the notary... He was playing dirty, but he had no remorse. And he wanted to be free to ls little nude lolitas understand what the boy had banned lolita pussy pics in mind, before eventually to intervene.Yes, Angelo was really asking himself what Marco had in mind. Why forged documents, and even three different identities? He had to discover it. And now, Angelo was aware, it was no more a simple work problem. He had Marco more and more at heart. For years now he was watching him, following him, studying him. In some ways, even if they never met face to face, even if they never spoke each other, they had grown up, so to speak, together. Not only, but Angelo had to honestly admit to himself, in all these years he gradually fell in love with Marco, he really was in love with him. And that not just because Marco was really beautiful. This could have contributed, without doubt, but the attraction was also due to the fact that now Angelo knew Marco very well, possibly he was the one in the world who knew Marco better and deeper. And yet, now dark loli 13 years he couldn't grasp what the boy had in mind. He hoped that Marco was not getting himself into a mess, now that he could be completely free. Angelo decided he had to watch over Marco.He continued his investigation with renewed attention. He soon discovered that Marco had booked a one way flight to Egypt. Was he planning to move there? It seemed him completely absurd and unlikely. That could possibly be the way to come back with one of his new identities. The boy flew from Milan to Rome, and from there to the Cairo. Angelo decided to verify all the passengers lists coming from Egypt. He was almost certain that Marco would reappear with one of his fake names. He looked where in Italy the flight stopped coming from Egypt - the possible airports were very few. Unless he planned to come back by sea... but he judged that unlikely. So, he charged the detective agencies of these towns to investigate the three fake a lolita free pics names and the real name on all the landing passengers lists. He hoped that Marco didn't choose a more twisted and long way back, to cover his tracks. But Angelo didn't see a reason for that, in fact the boy didn't suspect he was being watched.Angelo spent some days feeling tense and uncertain - he was afraid he had lost contact with Marco.But after the tenth days, the Rome agency reported him that a certain Massimo Aldeschi landed and took the flight for Turin. The accounts balanced. Raul told him that Marco planned to move to virgin russian lolita pussy Venice or Turin.Angelo immediately moved to the Piedmont capital, after notifying the notary that he found again Marco's tracks, but of course without telling him of his changed identity. To find a person in a town of one million inhabitants, would not be easy, but not at all impossible. Angelo took a room in the Albergo Bologna, not far from Porta Nuova, the central station. Marco would necessarily book a hotel room, even if he decided to go to a real estate agent to find an apartment. So, Angelo started his investigation in both these two directions.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Third Scene:Some days had elapsed without any new revelations, then Angelo saw Marco on the street. He stopped, his heart in his mouth, excited. Then he began to follow him discretely, until he saw that he was entering in the Turin Palace Hotel. The porter greeted him with deference - clearly Marco stayed there. He was dressed with refined elegance, he had his beautiful blond hair a little longer than usual and combed straight back, he was cleanly russian underage lolita nymphs shaven and walked with lovely loli jailbait nymphet a fast and lose gait. He wasn't so different from the usual, and yet Angelo could detect a faint peculiar nuance. The 'Marco' he was used to following was more simple, spontaneous, less stiff. For a brief moment a doubt wavered on the edge of his mind, he thought he could have been mistaken, but immediately he discarded this hypothesis.When he returned to his hotel, he made a telephone call to the Turin Palace. He told them he was waiting for three friends who were supposed to arrive in Turin and they told him they would stay at that hotel - he wanted to know if they already arrived. The clerk checked and answered that Mister Testi and Mister Petrucci had not even booked, but that the Count Aldeschi had arrived and was guest of their hotel. He asked Angelo if he wanted to talk with him, but Angelo said no, thanked him and hung up.So then, Marco, with the identity of Massimo Aldeschi, was posing as a Count. What was the purpose? Angelo wasn't able to understand the reason for that. On the following days he continued in his shadowing. Working alone, at times he lost track of Marco, but he knew where to find him again.He saw Marco going to three different estate agents, then going to the Baloon second hand market then is some shops to buy old clothes and pieces of junk. He saw him enter two different furniture shops... Then, to several gay discos, parks and meeting places for gays. But he also noticed that Marco never returned with a 'pickup'. Moreover, he saw that he went to the different places, somewhat disguised... almost unrecognizable for who didn't know him well as Angelo did.Then he saw him going to a detective agency. He was afraid that Marco noticed he was being shadowed, and that it was for this reason he went there. In teen lolita gallery post spite of this suspicion he continued to follow him. He soon noticed that each evening he met with a different person, each time pointing out a different person, and then he left. The other person remained on the spot and started to shadow the pointed out person.He little lolitas top sites thereby deduced that Marco was gathering information about these persons. But why the fake identities and this disguising? Angelo continued to gather elements, but remained at a complete loss as to the reasons. He couldn't follow both the persons singled out by Marco and Marco, but he was interested mainly in the boy.One day he saw Marco taking possession of an apartment in Silvio Pellico Street. All the apartments on that stairway were marked on the bells plate just by a number. A few days later Marco was going to that apartment, often bringing there some parcels, and Angelo saw a truck of a furniture shop stopping there and unloading to the apartment number seven.With a casual air, he approached the men of the truck and asked: "Is this the furniture for mister Valle?""No, for Mister Aldeschi, at the number seven.""Ah, sorry. When do they bring mine, then?""Bah... I don't know...""Oh of course, I was just talking to myself..." Angelo said, leaving.So, he resided there as Massimo. But he also noticed that, even though Marco went often to Silvio Pellico Street apartment, continued to sleep and to eat at the Turin Palace. But a few days later, after seeing him enter in the Silvio Pellico apartment, he saw Marco coming out completely transformed. His hair was combed with the part in the middle, he wore glasses, he wore clothes too wide and baggy for him, even if of a fair cut, and walked with a clumsy and modest gait. The transformation was almost unbelievable. He really seemed another person, shy lolita free tgp but even more, a completely different personality.He followed him to San Donato Street where he entered a house. Here too furniture arrived, but this time second hand furniture. And Marco, in the clothes of his new identity, brought here too several parcels. Then he saw him putting his name on the bells plate - Beniamino Petrucci.So, Marco was creating different personalities in different apartments. Now it just remained to see where he would settle as Bruno Testi, and what guise he would assume. He discovered this as he saw him again coming out from the Silvio Pellico apartment. That boy was a real 'quick change' artist. This time he had his hair just slightly ruffled in a mop in front, the beard not shaved, a pair of old jeans, very tight, a fuchsia T shirt, very fitting as well, and a big canary yellow rainproof jacket. He was walking with the gait of an 'outskirts' tough boy, with a cheeky air, his hands in his pockets, an extinguished cigarette hanging from his lips. He followed him to Bellezia Street where he entered in an old, dirty gate. Almost certainly he settled here as Bruno Testi... The picture started to take shape, but Angelo still wasn't able to understand the reason for all of it. It was as if he was putting on a big fraud... but with the vast capital he had, it seemed highly improbable.So, Marco now had three new names, three new personalities, three new addresses. And he played three parts. But for whom?Little by little his questions were replaced by answers. He discovered that as Massimo he had entered in contact with a certain Ugo Remondi, bank clerk; as Beniamino with the agent Guglielmo Zaccone, and at last, as Bruno he met with a teacher, Franco Canferla.The Silvio Pellico home was his secret base where he went to change his identities.Angelo started to follow the strange pretense, the changing of clothes and roles. He roughly followed a three day schedule, with some variations, one day for each role. But at times he also changed all the three roles in one day, or maintained the same role for several days. But the basic rhythm remained that of three days. On the first day he was the well shaved, refined and elegant Massimo, on the second day he was the awkward Beniamino, and on the third day, the brazen Bruno, unshaven and, probably, also not well washed...Angelo thought that he simply was amusing himself to have three lovers at the same time, impersonating with each a different role. He found that funny, weird perhaps, but at least in part understandable. At last, Marco was amusing himself, giving vent to his fantasies. But perhaps he was amusing himself at the expenses of the three unaware lovers.But then, Angelo started to notice how Bruno was staying at the professor's home more and more often with several hustlers. This made him suspicious and made him think that, after all, Marco's amusements were not so innocent as he had hoped in the beginning. So Angelo started to investigate also on the three lovers of Marco. Slowly, the picture came to full light and Angelo was shaken, indignant, grieved - Marco was using the three men, destroying in some ways their lolita preteens pussy pics lives....Right at this time, Marco was now twenty four and the shadowing in Turin lasted now for almost two years, the notary notified him that the funds were exhausted and that therefore he had to discontinue his job. But underage topless lolita s now Angelo wanted to continue for his own sake. Moreover, the fact that that job was over at last, gave now him much more freedom. Notwithstanding all he was discovering about Marco, Angelo was more and more in love with him. He had lived with him, even if Marco was unaware of that, for a full six top lolita a lolita years!On one of his trips to Milan, Angelo told his father that he decided to move to Turin and to find a job there, because he met a girl he liked and with whom he wanted to live. His father mildly tried to dissuade him but then, as his son insisted and was determined, proposed that he open a branch of their agency in Turin. Angelo willingly accepted. So he looked for a small flat, a location for the offices, hired some personnel and started to work in Turin. Especially in the first months, organizing the new branch took much time from his shadowing of Marco, but when the office started to work properly, and his assistants competently to carry out the cases and to bring some cash in the agency, he was free once again to dedicate himself almost full time to Marco.Marco, besides portraying his three roles with his three lovers, at times allowed himself to some extra adventures in the clothes of one of the three personages casually. While one of the three victims, Ugo, was the only one to correspond to the preferred type of Marco, the other two were rather different - they were also fair of face and body, but nothing exceptional, especially the teacher. russian teen lolita photo But when Marco looked for an adventure, he always picked up the types he liked most. It was this type into which Angelo fitted perfectly. So at last, Angelo decided to act openly and to try to be picked up by Marco.He also decided to make himself seen when Marco was loly girls non nudes in the clothes of Beniamino, therefore he searched for a flat close as possible to the San Dalmazzo apartment. He was lucky, in fact in a few days he found a one room flat just one block away, and moved there.He studied the best way to be noticed - he had in mind several solutions, but he discarded them one after the other. He had to find one that gave him an almost certitude that Marco-Beniamino would pick him up, and not vice versa. But he wasn't able to determine one.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fourth Scene:One day, while he was lil loli sex series running home because it started raining and he had gone out to make purchases without an umbrella, it happened he made a dramatic, nasty fall not far from Beniamino's house, just at the moment he was coming out. Beniamino, on instinct, approached him to see if the young man had hurt himself. Angelo, who didn't see him coming out from his home, seeing somebody approaching him, lifted his head, with a still dazed and pained expression from the bad fall, and his eyes met those of Marco. He was so surprised, confused, excited, that for a long while he just remained there on ilegal lolas pictures nude the pavement looking at him.Then he averted his eyes, and Marco asked him: "Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?" and gave him a hand to gather his purchases spread on the sidewalk."No, not too much, thank you. You are very kind... The downpour caught me and I was running..." he said and than he had a lively idea, so continued: "I live here close. But I remembered now that I went out without taking my key... so I have to remain in the rain until my friend comes back home... I was planning to go little nude nudist lolitas to the nearby bar, before getting completely soaked..."Beniamino was staring at him. Angelo read in his eyes a spark of interest.When they finished putting everything back in the plastic bags, Beniamino said: "You are all wet... and dirty. You cannot possibly go to the bar in this condition... I live just here, why don't you came upstairs with me? Will your... friend be late?""Bah, I'm afraid so... at least a couple of hours. But don't bother yourself, thank you. I'll just go to the bar...""No, no it's no bother. At my place you can young lolita nude kiddie dry, while you wait, and clean up somewhat. Come, don't stand on ceremony.""But you are perhaps busy...""Nothing important. I was just going to lolitas bbs free galleries buy a magazine, but I'll get it later. Will you came?""Thank you so much. You are really kind." Angelo said, and followed him.Marco-Beniamino took him upstairs. "How about a sip to warm you up?""Yes, thank you. But I'm wetting all your floor...""No problem, it will dry. But, take off your clothes, underage loli pay sites I'll give you my bath robe. You can rinse your jeans there in the tub, they are filthy. Then we can put them to dry here on the radiator...""I wouldn't bother you so much, but if I keep them on me, I'm afraid I may catch a chill...""Yes, right. Wait a moment, I'll go to get you a bath robe."Angelo started to take off his drenched jumper, then unbuttoned his shirt and pulled off that also. He was taking off his T shirt, when Beniamino came back. Angelo noticed how his eyes instantly dropped to linger on his chest that was becoming uncovered."I brought a towel also, take it...""Thank you, you are so kind." Angelo said taking the towel and starting to rub his chest and shoulders. Beniamino didn't take his eyes off him, not even for a moment. Angelo pretended not to be aware of it. He slipped out of his shoes, then started to pull off his trousers. Remaining now just with his underpants, he started to rub also his abdomen and legs.Beniamino, then, innocently, asked: "Also your boxers are wet?""Well, yes, somewhat, but it doesn't matter.""If you want to take them off... I'm not scandalized for so little.""It may seem silly to you, but I feel embarrassed to completely undress in front of another person. They never saw me naked, even at home..." Angelo answered putting on the bath robe."Have a seat, please." Beniamino said pointing at the free place near him on the sofa."Thank you." Angelo said, but he sat in the armchair."We didn't even introduce ourselves. I am Beniamino Petrucci.""Ah, and I am Angelo Adeodato. I never saw you before, and yet I live just one block from here.""Me neither. Your friend... lives with you?""No, I live alone. He is my guest just for a couple of days, he is from out of town. When he cones to Turin, he always stays at my place.""It is a great thing, friendship.""Yes, sure, makes you feel less lonely.""I too live here alone.""Don't you have friends?""Some, downtown. Two or three. How old are you?""Twenty nine, almost. And you?""Twenty four. But I thought you were younger, at most twenty six.""Do you think I'm old?""No, absolutely not. Moreover, what really counts is the interior age.""Ah, the physical too counts. When one become old, decrepit, he for sure has no more the freshness of the twenties...""Would you say you feel old! You are just five years older than me.""No, no, not at all.""Before, while you were changing, I noticed you have an handsome body. Anything but old.""I do some sports."Marco was trying all the ways he knew to get to what surged in him. Angelo was aware of that, but he didn't encourage nor discourage him. He wanted the first clear step to come from Beniamino."Do you feel like listening to some music, Angelo?""Yes, sure. What kind do you have?""Symphonic... does it bother you?""No, on the contrary. Classic music at times makes me dream, makes me relax.""What kind of music do you listen at, usually?""A little of everything. It depends on my mood."Beniamino stood up, searched in his records and at last he put on a piece of Mahler. They listened to it for a while, in silence. Angelo noticed that Marco had closed his eyes, almost as to enjoy the piece even more. Marco was really beautiful, but in that moment seemed more beautiful than ever. When he opened his eyes and saw that Angelo was looking at him, he slightly blushed."Sorry, I let myself be taken by the music and so I left you alone...""No, it is beautiful to see how much you enjoy music. Do you know about it?""Yes, I studied it for years. I play the violin.""I would like to listen to you.""Another time, possibly."Angelo felt that that answer was an invitation to meet again: "Yes, with pleasure." he answered.Now Beniamino's eyes were lingering to gaze at that part of Angelo's chest that was visible through the robe that had loosened a little. Angelo felt the impulse to pull off the robe, to stand up, to kiss the boy. But he decided that he wanted Marco to make the first move, therefore remained still.The music ended. Beniamino seemed to shiver and asked his guest if he wanted some coffee or if he preferred some more liqueur. Angelo opted for the coffee."Would you like to come to the kitchen while I prepare it?""Sure.""How do you like your coffee?""Strong.""Ahhh then, you too like the coffee to be warm, strong and sweet as they say a man must be?""Yes, but of course," Angelo said.A slightly tense atmosphere developed between the two youths, one that is born when two desire the same thing, but when each one waits for the other to clearly express it first. Neither seemed to want to young teen model lola take the first step, but neither wanted to abandon the field. Each of them discretely threw baits, but seemed not to catch those thrown by the other."It's nice, here at your place." Angelo said."Well... it could be better. But, you know, living alone, you don't even feel like making the ambience more welcoming.""I understand you... it's like this way for me too.""Don't you have a girl friend?" Beniamino asked."No... what is your work?" Angelo asked, almost to divert the conversation to a less intimate field."I do concerts. Nothing yet really significant. Mainly in the province. And you?""I work in an office."Again silence fell. They went back to the living room.Angelo looked at his watch: "My friend must be at home by now. I should go...""Your clothes are still wet. Wait a little more, it's better...""No thank you, it doesn't matter...""We are more or less the same size. I'll lend you something of mine, then. Wait a moment." Beniamino said and went to his room.He came back with some clothes he handed to Angelo. He seemed hesitant, but then thanked him, took off the robe and put on Beniamino's clothes. Again his host looked at him, as soon as he pulled off the robe, almost caressing his body with his eyes."When can I give them back to you? This evening?""No, I'm not at home, this evening, nor tomorrow. I'll give you my telephone number, you can call when it's convenient for you.""I don't have the telephone at home, they still haven't connected it. I'll write you my address, if you give me a scrape of paper."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fifth Scene:Angelo went back home. They would meet again, this was the important thing. And Marco liked him, he had no doubt of that, even if he couldn't be certain if he didn't try. Marco was the most desirable boy he never met. The way Marco looked at him while he was changing, didn't leave him any doubt about being desired by Marco. This thought aroused him. Now he had just make certain not to let him escape. He had to make Marco fall in love with him.He phoned him two days after: "Hallo, Beniamino, it's Angelo speaking... If you have some free time, I'll bring you back your clothes... Yes, I'm here downstairs, at the bar... I'm coming up."Marco was waiting for him at the door, a big smile imprinted on his face: "Come in, please. I'm happy to meet you again.""Were you afraid I would keep your clothes?" Angelo joked, "Thank you. In this bag are your clothes. lolita art pics model And here a small present for your kindness." he said handing him a small parcel wrapped in nice paper."You didn't have to... What's it? Can I open it now?""Of course." Angelo smiled, sitting in the armchair.Beniamino at once opened the parcel: "Oh! 'The Little Prince'! That's wonderful...""Do you know it? I hope you don't already have it...""No, I read it some ten years ago. Or rather, my first real friend read it to me. His name was Valerio. It is a splendid present, thank you."Marco thumbed through it and lingered on the dedication: "from Angelo, in memory of a raining day...'"Are you still friends, you and Valerio?""No. We have been parted... I had very few friends. Valerio was the first, then Herman. Also from him I've been parted. And then, after, each time I convinced myself that I found a new friend, for one reason or another, suddenly all was over... One must try to never tie to anybody...""I don't agree. One has to search until he meets the right person.""But meanwhile you suffer. Especially for Valerio, and then for Herman, I really suffered.""One cannot live without friends. Everybody needs somebody with whom to be open, on whom to count, on whom to rely.""To then be left alone and became aware that each time you are lonelier than before?""It's a risk. But if you don't run risks, you'll never be able to find the right person. That is somebody with whom you can be your real yourself, you can open without fear, you can confide him your weak points knowing that the other won't judge you, because he loves you.""Do you have friends?""Not here, not yet. It's just non nude lolita nymphets a short time since I moved to Turin. But I always had, and I'll find some here also.""I... I would like to be your friend.""We can try. Possibly we can became friends."It seemed as if Marco was about saying something, but then Beniamino took over: "Can you stay a while?""Willingly. Can you put on the music of the other day?""The Symphony # 4 in G major? It is still on the turn table..." The music rose almost suddenly. "What do you do to pass your time?" Beniamino asked."At times I go to the movies, or to the hill to stroll in the parks, especially now that the fine weather is coming. I read. Or I go to the pool to swim a while.""I too like swimming. My friendship with Herman started right in a pool. Herman was a really skilled swimmer.""Not I, I just manage to swim.""Would you feel like coming to the pool with me, some times?""Yes, sure. When?""The day after tomorrow?""Agreed.""I can come to fetch you around 10 a.m. It is Sunday, you don't have to work, right?""Sure. You ring my bell and I'll come downstairs immediately.""Then, if you feel like, we can have 15y old lolita model lunch in a pizza restaurant... then we can to have a walk on the Maddalena Hill, or at the Europa Park...""A nice program. It will be an agreeable Sunday.""Yes, I hope so.""Now I have to go. To Sunday, then.""To Sunday. I'm happy I met you, special photos lolitas galleries do you know?""Me too. Bye bye..."Angelo almost ran away from Marco's home, because he became aware that he was aroused and, wearing rather fitting trousers, he didn't want Marco to lolitas pretty preteen nymphs become aware of it. That boy, with just being near to him, excited him very much. Angelo started to doubt he would have been able to resist him for long time - if Marco didn't decide to make the first move, he was afraid, he would have done it, in spite of his resolutions.The Sunday at the pool, Angelo for the first time saw the almost naked body of Marco. It excited him so much, that he had to hold his towel on his lap to hide his erection, in fact his wet swimming suit in diagonal blue and green stripes gave evidence of his state of arousal, as it was a latex Speedo.They were half lying on the edge of the pool when Marco said: "I know to whom you resemble! Rob Lowe!""That's a nice compliment, thank you. But free lolita sex stories he has hair and eyes lighter than mine.""But not more beautiful. And you are here, real, in flesh.""Did you see many of his movies?""Almost all. He is two years older than me, therefore three younger than you. He is my favorite actor, he is beautiful and talented."The day went on as planned. When they climbed the Maddalena Hill, they strolled in the woods. Then lay on the fresh grass, side by side, on their backs, looking at the luminous sky. And then a lolita preteen models Beniamino started to talk about himself. Angelo was aware that, even if the plot of his life was that invented for Beniamino, the sensations, the thoughts, the emotions were those of Marco.Marco talked for a long time, almost uninterruptedly, quietly. Angelo listened at his beautiful, deep tiny lolita posing nude and warm voice, often vibrating with emotion in recalling some of the sensations he felt, in telling little lolitas asian pics things he thought. Marco narrated all his sadness, like in a confession."But I'm bothering you with all my prattle.""No, I like listening to you..." Angelo said sincerely."I told you things... of no interest.""I'm deeply interested, instead. Now I know you somewhat better than before. I feel you a little more friend than before.""Thank you, you are kind.""But it's true. I feel good here with you. But now it's starting to chill. Would you came back with me?"When they were in front of Angelo's house, he said: "Thank you for the splendid day, Beniamino.""May I come upstairs with you? I don't want to be alone yet.""Certainly. Then you can see where I live."When at home, Angelo could sense the tension of Marco. He understood that he was trying to reveal him in some way his desire. He made Marco sit on a chair, and he sat on the edge of his bed, in fact the apartment was composed of a mini-kitchen, a bath, and the only real room was both living room and bedroom at once."Beniamino, how about a beer?""Yes, thank you."When he handed him the glass, their hands brushed and at once their eyes met."Angelo, I wanted to tell you... thanks for today." Marco concluded evidently changing his words.Angelo crouched in front of him and put his hands on Marco's knees - he felt the boy shuddering. Their eyes didn't divert, like magnetized.With a serious expression, Angelo said: "I felt so good with you. I feel good, with you."Beniamino put, on a very light caress, his free hand on one of Angelo's hands that still rested light but firm on his thighs."You really want to be my friend?""Yes, really," Angelo almost whispered.Beniamino put down his beer glass and, bending lightly forward, towards Angelo, put his now free hand on his cheek: "My intimate friend?" he asked."Yes...""Do you understand what I'm really saying?""Yes..." Angelo answered and, bent his head, lightly kissed Beniamino's hand still lying on his hand. With the other hand he slipped between Marco's legs and felt his turgidity, and in a whisper young naked loli pussy said: "You are aroused""Yes.""For me?""Yes, for you."Then Angelo stood up in front of the other who still was sitting and said: "I too... for you..." and took his wrist and guided his hand on his fly.Marco, at first, brushed it lightly, then pressed it with his palm. Then, with feverish moves, unbuttoned Angelo's trousers, freed his member, drew nearer with his head and, without a word, took it between his lips. Angelo, for a while, let him do it, caressing his hair, feeling terribly moved.Then, his voice hoarse, he murmured: "Let's undress, Beniamino... let's go to my bed..."The two youths undressed each other slowly, looking at each other, while they were feeling that the room temperature was suddenly increasing. They let their clothes fall on the floor, in a disordered pile. Then, standing one in front of the other, they caressed the other's body, quivering with desire, until they intertwined and united in a long kiss, slowly gliding onto the bed. Their senses went wild in a no more controllable crescendo. Their bodies searched each other with a frenzy too long a time restrained, their mutual desire finally revealed itself in full freedom.And like the water restrained by a levee accumulates in slow, lazy and calm spirals, but as soon as a leak opens, it floods out with energy and speed, and flows until the basin is empty, then resumes to flow once again quietly, so was for them. Opened the door of the mutual desire, this revealed itself with impetuosity until it reached its peak, then a sweet calm returned, so that they remained embraced to tenderly caress each other.Angelo was overwhelmed by the emotion. That event so long dreamed of, so long desired, so long awaited, had finally become reality. It exceeded any fantasy, any prevision. Now he could understand the enthusiasm of Matteo... he could understand how one could loose his mind for Marco. The only thing that somewhat attenuated his enthusiasm, was the awareness of the use that the boy was making of his talents, of his ability to fascinate. Angelo, still caressing his wonderful body, became aware how easy it was to become his slave, mainly for the way Marco was able newest preteen lolita sites to make of it a tool of more than refined pleasure. Did Marco pretend passion with him also, or did he little nude loli forum really feel it? Would Marco try to manipulate him, to use him as he used the three other men? Of course Angelo would not have allowed that to happen, but he hoped it was not that way, because he felt he really was in love with that boy with renewed ardor, in spite of knowing all his bad secrets.Marco looked at him: "Angelo, it has been so wonderful! From the very first moment I saw you, when you fell there, in the rain, I did nothing but desire this moment.""Who knows how many men you have nude 12 yo lollitas had. You can make anybody lose his head over you, do you know that?""I can't deny it. But you are something different, after all these years.""One always says so, when there is the novelty of the discover...""No. I feel you can be at the level of Valerio, of Herman. And possibly even more, because then we were just kids, but now, both you and I, are adults. If you want, it could become something really more serious.""We still know each other so little.""Then, we have to know each other better.""Yes. The most beautiful thing would be to arrive at a point where there are no more secrets between each other. Each of us keeps something hidden from the others, some more, some less. It is a kind of safety exit, a defense to be able to run away when you need to, to defend, protect himself. But until it is so, any relationship, be it friendship or sex, is doomed to end. To open oneself to each other, is not easy. To disarm oneself completely, is not without pain. To be completely in the other's hands requires a total trust that it is not easy to get. Just love can give this force, true love.""I... I feel I would like to have this strength.""Don't confuse passion, desire, a crush and even falling in love at first sight, with the real love.""And how can you recognize love?""You can recognize it little by little, nude young ukrainian lolita living it, and then you can make it grow, unveiling you to the other, compromising you.""But if then the other, seeing your true self, knowing you in deepness, refuses you? If he doesn't like as you really are?""It means that the other is not really in love with you. Therefore, you have little to lose. I would like to be loved for what I am, not for what I seem to be. Otherwise the other doesn't love me, but just the image of me that he made, or that I showed to him. But I want to be loved for what I really am.""Yes, I think you are right.""Anyway, don't you think it is too early to talk about love, between us? I like you, you like me. Sex between us has been very beautiful. There is a clear reciprocal liking...""I already have all the gratifying sex I could desire. But real friends, not a single one. And therefore not even a lover. I think I would like very much you to be my real friend, to become my lover.""To how many other men did you say that?""Yes, it is true, I already said these words, I can't deny it. But... or the other didn't accept or I.... I wasn't sincere. At times I said so just to ensnare the other, to bend him to my desire, to amuse myself.""That's not honest, you know it. And who knows that you are not doing it with me too?""No. I feel you are different. I really would like something beautiful, special, starting between us.""Yes, I too would like that.""Do you want we to try, then?""You and I, Beniamino?" Angelo asked almost emphasizing the fake name, almost to remind Marco how much their relation was starting on a lie.Marco seemed to have caught the implicit accusation contained in the name. An accusation that he didn't think the other was able to really make, but that he felt was just and undeniable.He thought it over for a while, than said to Angelo: "Let's try, anyway.""All right. But without illusions... not to be disappointed afterwards."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Sixth Scene:They parted after making a date for two days later. But already on the following day, Angelo found a note in his post box. There was written: "I miss you. I'm longing for tomorrow to come. I do nothing but think of you. Out first encounter has been so wonderful, and I would like the next to be more and more beautiful, until we will be no more able to be without the other. See you tomorrow."Angelo noticed that there teenie lolita sex pic was no signature. Perhaps Marco didn't feel like ending that sincere message with a fresh new lolita galleries fake name. If it really was so, it was a good sign.They met several times, they made love, talked, went to walk, to the movies, to the pool, to the restaurant together. But Angelo knew that Marco continued to see Ugo, Guglielmo and Franco as before. At illegal lolita pedo pic the same time he was also aware that Marco was tiny teen loli gallery dedicating more and more time to him, and less and less to the other three men. Even if now Angelo didn't follow him like before, as now that they met it would have been almost impossible to shadow him without being noticed, at other times still shadowed him. Angelo decided to quicken the tempo, to go on the offensive, to get Marco on the ropes to help him to find again his true self, to really and completely open to him.So, after a couple of months they met, one day, and just after making love, Angelo said to him: "I still know so little about you. Between our encounters, what do you do? How do you spend your days when you are not with me? I often ask myself that, I would like to know, to be able to imagine you, to feel you near when we are not together. You always tell me what you think, what you feel... but never what you do.""I never asked you what you do...""That's true, but you just have to ask me. I would like to be an open book to you. But you... I feel you have secrets.""Yes, it is true. It is not easy to talk teen nudist pics lolita about them. They could be things you couldn't understand, that I'm ashamed to tell you.""You cannot know if I can understand or not, until you tell me.""It is not that easy.""Is there perhaps another man in your life? Are you perhaps in love with another man?""No, I'm not in love with any other, but... It is lolitas ls best site not easy to explain you""Try me.""See, I... I have a relationship with my